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About Us

M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise, Inc. (MHM) is a professional Grant Writing, Management and Evaluation firm that utilizes innovative and systemic strategies to generate grant revenue and resources for multiple government, public, private, for-profit and nonprofit entities. Beginning its grant writing services in June 1994 in a one-room office, MHM has grown to be one of the largest and most successful Grant Writing, Management and Evaluation firms in the Western Region of the United States.


M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise, Inc. (MHM) was founded by its President & CEO, Luvina Beckley Knight in 1994. Upon completing her BA in Business Finance in June of 1994, Luvina began Pursuit of Purpose, Inc., (the Parent Company for MHM), a manifestation of her college developed business plan that propels individuals/agencies into experiencing their highest possible purpose in life. This has become Luvina’s life long mission and purpose as demonstrated by the resources she commits daily to this endeavor and the number of people that she and her firm, MHM, have assisted. To this cause, over $125 million in grant funds have been allocated resulting from Luvina’s leadership as CEO of MHM.

In 2001, Luvina completed her MS in Health Services Administration at CSUSB and began her certification as a Project Manager (PMP) and Community Developer (PCED).  In 2010 she expanded MHM’s platform to include the development and revitalization of underserved and distressed communities.  In 2014 MHM re-launched its $177 Million Dollar Campaign as part of its public/private partnership with foundations, institutions, and federal agencies to spur local economic engines within select areas/communities.

It is MHM’s commitment to revitalizing dreams for communities coupled with addressing the myriad of social and public health issues that are prevalent in the U.S. and around the world by assisting clients in accessing needed resources and grant funds that  for reaching their highest potential.


“MHM’s pursuit is to be a thought leader on effective systems of accessing needed resources and grants that empowers agencies and individuals in furthering their work that fulfills their mission and purpose.” Our team of professional Grant Compilers, Researchers, Editors, and Writers (C.R.E.W.™) are committed to value based services that lead to quality proposal development, effective cost management, and strong networks with funders and stakeholders. Simultaneously, MHM’s efforts serve to ensure that our clients’ first and subsequent grant awarded programs are promoted in their effectiveness to generate additional grant awards and funding. It’s our team of professionals and their loyalty to our communities and those we serve that makes the difference.  This alone, with my God given gift of being a visionary, has elevated MHM into creating winning applications, sustaining grant awards/resources beyond the initial funding,  and in making million dollar dreams and visions a reality!”

Luvina Beckley, President/CEO

M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise, Inc.