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The e3p3 Model was Created by M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise CEO – Luvina Beckley and strengthened in its planned approach for deployment into cities across the U.S. by the National Resource Development Council (NRDC) and its Industry Experts, the University of Southern California, School of Public Policy – Center for Economic Development- Dr. Leonard Mitchell and Loma Linda University School of Public Health – Center for Community Resilience – Dr. Samuel Soret.

Since its inception, MHM has strived to bridge the gap between federal, state, and private funding in being more inclusive of agencies led by the community service organization and innovators doing the bulk of the work. A 5 year study showed an increasing trajectory of funding going to select agencies carrying out specific types of projects. This led to the creation of the e3p3 model. evidence-based logic model which empowers government in partnerships with community-based organizations and private businesses to introduce new systems.

The plan now is to help elevate inclusion in grants for the masses over the few by working more closely with entities charged with favorably impacting and supporting local communities, residents and families.

MHM is convinced that as it redefines how grants are issued (using proprietary data analytics supported by its e3p3 Model), healthy living and prosperity will become more of an American staple vs. a dream.

In coordination with MHM’s NRDC-IE and its Industry Experts and Ambassadors, efforts will serve in pioneering and sustaining a way forward for those committed to the betterment of their community (doing good) and in living out their dream(doing well) throughout the United States. On District, One City, One Community at a time.