The National Resource Development Council (NRDC) was formed by M.H.M. and Associates Enterprise, Inc. (MHM) in association with the University of Southern California, School of Public Policy – Center for Economic Development; Loma Linda University School of Public Health – Center for Community Resilience; and TCU Community Partnership.

Since its inception, the NRDC has strived to bridge the gap between federal, state, local government, and members of the community at large in order to redefine how healthy living and American prosperity can be made accessible and achieved by all.The NRDC has adopted the very successful e3p3 evidence-based logic model which empowers government in partnerships with community-based organizations and private businesses to introduce new systems; thus, serve as pioneers in sustaining healthy living and lifestyles among all residents. The e3p3 focuses on providing opportunities in undeserved cities and communities throughout the United States.